• Barbara Tieken

Thank You, Shiner!

This post originally appeared as a Letter to the Editor in the April 25 issue of the Shiner Gazette.

What a Great Evening!

As a member of The League of Women Voters of Lavaca County, I would like to express my deep appreciation to all nine candidates in the upcoming City Council and SISD School Board Election for being present to answer voters’ questions and give their personal views as to why each thought he or she was best qualified to serve our community. A great big thanks as well to all you Shinerites and SISD county voters who attended. Also, a big thank you goes to the First United Methodist Church of Shiner for hosting our event in the Fellowship Hall. It proved to be a great evening of lively discussion.

It was most enlightening, informative, and enjoyable to sit around the many tables with the potential office-holders (who rotated from table to table) and for us citizens to be able to express our opinions about what is good and what could be made better in both our city and our schools.

I had the privilege of sitting by Matt Wilson, Shiner Gazette Staff Writer, who started our table’s discussion with two very pertinent questions for each candidate which gave us all a first-hand look at each one’s positions. Thank you, Matt.

One of the two main focuses at our table were questions concerning keeping Shiner the Cleanest Little City in Texas, specifically pertaining to the removal of abandoned, run-down eye-sores of dilapidated homes and mobile homes that need to be condemned and removed. We sincerely hope the City Council, which has the legal authority to do so, will speed up this process.

The second major focus pertained to the quality of our city water. I know for a fact that when I have out-of-town or out-of-state visitors come to my home, they all invariably remark about the bad sulfur taste of our water. I, myself, do not drink our tap water and I know hundreds of Shinerites who don’t either, depending on their refrigerator filters or under-the-counter filtration systems to improve our water’s taste or buying water from the grocery stores which is very expensive.

Knowing that our city through decades of mutual agreement does not tap into the same strata of water as the Shiner Brewery, we none-the-less would be most appreciative if our City Council would address this issue, specifically by investigating the possibility of hiring a water consultant firm and charging them with the feasibility of processing our water through activated carbon filters and aeration processes, etc. to remove the bad taste.

We all want to attract and welcome more visitors and new residents to our very special hometown which would profit and benefit our entire community and business sector. All of us would benefit from both the removal of homes/buildings that are abandoned and the improvement of the taste of our water. As the Cleanest Little City in Texas, we need to follow-through on these ideas, the sooner the better.

Again, thank you, one and all, for attending the LWV Meet the Candidates night. Together, our committed City Council and SISD School Board can make a real difference in keeping Shiner a great place to live and work and educate our children.

Mark your calendars for the May 5th elections, then go vote to let your voice be heard! Thank you.